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me in frame

Girl on sofa clean 2I have always done odd pieces of drawing and painting but discovering the joys of  illustration opened up a whole new world.  To take the viewer on a journey by creating images that entertain and engage the eye, the mind, and, on a good day, the heart and soul, is a wonderful challenge.

Drawing is an amazing visual alchemy – one extra pencil stroke thrown into the mix suddenly transforms flat marks on a page into a leaping horse, a dark void or a dancing figure: It’s an exiting process as one never quite knows what will happen next.  Add in shade, tone and colour and you enter a whole world of visual complexity and creative power; something I am only just starting to really explore.  The biggest challenge with art – one i’m sure many of you will recognise – is to let go of all the fears about ‘getting it right’, or wrong, as the case may be.  I think this is especially true in the field of illustration, where you are privileged with bringing other peoples ideas to life, so I try to always be open to new ideas, methods and materials.

open arms 001As a high functioning dyslexic with dyscalculia (to use the technical terminology!) I am very interested the fact that there is such a wide variation in the ways our brains are wired, and, particularly,  in the power of visual learning for many people.  We mentally record and retrieve highly complex messages through easily recalled images with astonishing speed and accuracy and I think there is  much greater potential for the visual arts to play a pivotal role in  both education and the work place.

What else…. I keep driftwood in my house and my favourite colour is the sea – every shade of blue through green and grey, although I like a bit of rose and rasberry too, who can really choose one favourite colour??  I like fruit salad and chocolate cake (together or separately, it doesn’t matter); gardening makes me happy but concrete really gets me down. I find earl grey tea very soothing but green tea with jasmine is my favourite just now. I am fascinated by all aspects of human biology and how we work in our wider ecosystems, which really is a subject as big and mindboggling as the universe!

Girl in flowers